Wednesday, October 26, 2011


just wanted to see what he'd look like flat so I cut out some paper to play around with

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Character Design: "Malcolm"

A)Malcolm standing in front of the barbershop.
B)I was trying out designing Malcolm with and without lips . I personally like him with them.We should start narrowing down a final design-kindly comment on what you guys think does and doesn't work so we can work towards the final :).

Conceptual work by Victoria

*Everytime anyone has any development sketches for "Malcolm" please post them under THIS header in order to prevent a situation where we have a million posts and noone can find anything. The same goes for the other posts for example(location design:"barbershop"/prop design:"inside evil barbershop"). If you have anything to specify about the work uploaded write them directly underneath the post and leave a couple of spaces so we don't get it confused with any other text.